Neglected Pool? Get It Summer Ready With A Professional Pool Service

With summer almost here, it's time to get your pool ready for the hot months ahead. If you haven't been giving your pool regular attention over the colder months, then it's well worth paying for a pool contractor to give your pool a thorough service to get it in top shape. There are a two main problems your pool may have that a professional service can remedy. Green and slimy walls and floor Read More 

Tips for Making a Swimming Pool Safer Overall

A swimming pool can be a great feature to have for hot summer days, but they are known for their safety risks, especially for homes with young children. You can make your pool safer for everyone overall, including improving its overall surface so you will suffer fewer slips and falls and keeping children and pets out of the pool in the first place. Note a few tips on how to make your swimming pool and the surrounding deck area safer for everyone in the family. Read More 

The Basics of Pool Pumps for First-time Buyers

If you are in the final stages of building your new pool, one of the most important things you must do is buy a pool pump. Although many people mistake a pool pump for a pool cleaner, they are two completely different devices. To help you understand what a pool pump does and some of the common models you can buy, here are a few important things to know about these pool accessories. Read More 

4 Suggestions for Swimming Pool Remodels

A swimming pool remodel or renovation can be costly, but it can also be a great investment in the enjoyment of your pool. Before you begin such a renovation or remodel job, you want to ensure that you've considered all possibilities and all the details involved; note a few suggestions for some changes or additions before you decide on any pool renovation project. 1. Make the surface more comfortable One drawback to cement and concrete pools is that the surface can often be uncomfortable for walking and for bare skin. Read More 

Five Essential Pool Supplies to Make Your Pool More Fun for Your Child With SPD

Most kids find it fun to splash around in the pool, but for a kid with sensory processing disorder, swimming can sometimes feel scary, especially at first. However, with the right encouragement and assistance, many kids with sensory processing disorder can really enjoy the sensory stimulation provided by swimming. Trying to entice your kid with SPD into the pool? Then, check out these five supplies, some from companies like Pooltime: Read More