First Time Pool Owner? What You Need to Know about Maintenance

If you've just upgraded from a flat to your first family home, you may now have the luxury of a swimming pool. This is one of the reasons why you decided to make this move, after all, and you intend to take full advantage of this facility as the season rolls around. However, you will need to take good care of the pool year-round and make sure that it is maintained properly from not just a usability point of view but with regard for safety. As you've never done this before, what do you need to bear in mind?

Constant Movement

Your swimming pool may look perfectly inviting with that sparkling, clear blue water but it will not stay like that unless you take steps to ensure that it does so. You only need to look at that pond in your neighbourhood to see what happens when water stagnates, and this is why you must ensure that your pool water is constantly on the move.


You may not be able to see it, but the water in your pool is being pumped through a filter on a continuous basis to make sure that it is free of any contamination. This is why it is so important to keep an eye on the pool pump as, without it, everything would grind to a halt.


You also need to ensure that the filter is in good condition and it will need to be deep cleaned at least once per year. It's important to maintain the pressure of the water as well so that the filter can do its job properly and you will need to familiarise yourself with the type of filter installed.

Some pools have a cartridge which is designed to be removed and cleaned by hand, while others may use graded sand instead. In this case, you will need to switch the direction of the water by turning off the pump, in order to backwash (and therefore clean) the filter.


Your pool will not maintain that wonderful, blue colour unless you pay close attention to sanitation. To do this, you will need to add chlorine tablets and test the content of the water to ensure that you have reached the recommended level. Occasionally, you will have to 'shock' the pool by adding a very high level of chlorine and this will help to get rid of algae and any other invisible germs that may have accumulated.

Structural Maintenance

In addition to this work, you have to ensure that the structure of the pool is well maintained and you need to deal with any cracks to the concrete or surround, as soon as they appear.

Getting the Work Done

Call in a pool maintenance specialist to take care of all this work for you. This will help you to free up some time so that you can use the pool in the way it was intended.

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