Here’s Why Endless Pools and Glass Pool Fencing Are a Perfect Match

Endless pools are very small, but they're fitted with motors that create a current against which you can swim – you'll stay in the same position, so endless pools work much like treadmills. Here are just a few reasons why you should fit glass fencing around your endless pool. 

Easy to Check on Your Form

If you're going to buy an endless pool, it's a good bet you want it more for exercising than for lounging around in. Beyond being able to regulate current and speed, endless pools are advantageous since staying in one spot makes it a lot easier for someone else to analyse your form. You can fit glass pool fencing right round most of the perimeter without creating a visual barrier, so it will be much easier for someone to check on your form. You'll also be able to set up a camera to record yourself – it will be able to see through the glass, but it will also be protected from rogue splashes.

Sense of Distance

Endless pools are great, but people generally prefer to at least feel like they're going somewhere instead of simply swimming on the spot. Since glass fencing ca be seen through, you have a view ahead and to the side when you're swimming, which at least provides the illusion of distance and prevents you feeling too enclosed through your daily exercise.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Endless pools tend to be fitted in smaller yards where space is an issue. Instead of swimming up and down a long lap pool, you stay in place while expending the same amount of energy. If your lap pool is going in a smaller yard, you'll want to use glass pool fencing to avoid visually breaking up the space. Since you'll be able to see right through it, glass fencing won't spoil your view of the garden or seem to cut your outside space in half. Even if your outside space is on the larger side, it's nicer to have the fencing fit unobtrusively.

Easy to Clean

One of the main issues with endless pools is that they usually splash quite a lot of water around. When you're stuck in one space swimming against a current, it's natural for more water to splash up, and that water is all going to hit the same section of fencing since you aren't moving anywhere. This is why choosing an easy-to-clean material is vital. Glass can be wiped down easily enough, and it doesn't rot or rust like wood or metal.