Here’s Why Endless Pools and Glass Pool Fencing Are a Perfect Match

Endless pools are very small, but they're fitted with motors that create a current against which you can swim – you'll stay in the same position, so endless pools work much like treadmills. Here are just a few reasons why you should fit glass fencing around your endless pool.  Easy to Check on Your Form If you're going to buy an endless pool, it's a good bet you want it more for exercising than for lounging around in. Read More 

When Does Your Vinyl Pool Liner Need Replacing?

It's never good to wait until your pool's vinyl liner is showing lots of tears and other such damage before you have that liner replaced. That liner does more than just keep the pool soft underfoot; it protects the pool's construction materials from potential water damage and also ensures there are no costly water leaks in the pool. Note a few signs to look for that tell you it's time to get the vinyl liner replaced in your pool, so you know it's always in good repair and your pool is always protected. Read More 

Managing Lap Pool Installation in a Small Space

If you're choosing to have a lap pool installed, then you'll want to make sure the whole process runs as smoothly as possible. One or two lane lap pools are moderately sized, so they are a popular option for smaller properties. However, you need to consider more than just the area that will be taken up by the pool when planning an installation. Having building work carried out in a small property brings many unique challenges, so it's best to be as prepared as possible. Read More 

3 Things You Should Do To Keep Your Swimming Pool in Good Condition

Having a swimming pool in your home is one of the best ways to spend time outdoors. The sad part is that many people forget the importance of performing simple, regular maintenance to keep the pool in good working condition. They will only start to pay attention to the pool when they notice a major problem, which may be too late, resulting in significant expenses for repairs. You can avoid such incidences by doing the following things:  Read More 

3 Questions a Homeowner Should Consider Before Having a Concrete Pool Installed

Before you call a contractor to dig a pit and pour concrete for an in-ground pool, you want to ensure you know everything involved in the process and are ready for the installation. This will ensure you've budgeted properly for everything needed for your new pool and know what to expect during the installation, and once it's ready for use. Note a few questions to consider if you're thinking of having a concrete pool installed on your property. Read More