Neglected Pool? Get It Summer Ready With A Professional Pool Service

With summer almost here, it's time to get your pool ready for the hot months ahead. If you haven't been giving your pool regular attention over the colder months, then it's well worth paying for a pool contractor to give your pool a thorough service to get it in top shape. There are a two main problems your pool may have that a professional service can remedy.

Green and slimy walls and floor

If you haven't had your pool serviced for a while, then you may notice that there is a green and slimy growth which covers the surface of the walls and floor. This may simply be because the water in the pool has become stagnant, or it may be caused by an algae outbreak.

If it's an algae outbreak you will need to have the pool treated by a professional contractor. Algae can be a serious health threat to your family and will continue to reappear if it isn't effectively eradicated.

Your pool contractor will firstly brush the surfaces of the pool to agitate the algae. They will then use a strong algaecide to kill the algae and the algae spores. The algae will then be filtered out of the pool through the filtration system. Depending on the level of algae in the pool, the filter may need to be replaced afterwards.

Cloudy water

Neglected pools can result in water that is cloudy and murky. This can be caused by the pH level being too high and acidic. It can also be caused by having an insufficient amount of chlorine in the water or inconsistent levels of chlorine over a period of time.

The first thing a pool contractor will do to make the water clear again is to adjust the chlorine levels and bring the pH of the water back to neutral. They will then use specialised products to clear the water and help to filter out sedimentary particles.

Having the right pH and chlorine levels is important for your family's health as well. Both acidic pH levels and excess chlorine can cause skin and eye irritations. Insufficient chlorine levels can allow bacterial growth in the pool, which can cause gastrointestinal problems if ingested.

Both of these problems are costly, but they're also completely avoidable. It's a wise idea to book a regular schedule of pool services with a pool contractor, such as those at Jim's Pool Care. This will keep your pool in top condition and will prevent the above problems from occurring. It will also increase the lifespan of the pool's surface and filtration system and make sure that everything is functioning as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.