The Basics of Pool Pumps for First-time Buyers

If you are in the final stages of building your new pool, one of the most important things you must do is buy a pool pump. Although many people mistake a pool pump for a pool cleaner, they are two completely different devices. To help you understand what a pool pump does and some of the common models you can buy, here are a few important things to know about these pool accessories.


The purpose of a pool pump is to control the circulation of the water in your pool so that water flows into the strainer system and filtration system. The pump keeps the water in your pool clear and gets rid of impurities that may be present in the water that a pool cleaner can't eliminate.

A pool pump also helps to maintain a consistent water level in your pool. When you turn on a pool pump, the motor triggers a device known as an impeller which sucks water through the filter and into an effluent line that sends the strained water back into your pool. Pool experts recommend that you run your pool pump for about six hours a day, unless you notice that your water isn't clean enough, at which time you can increase the pump operation time.


Most pool pumps are sold as single-speed, two-speed or variable-speed models. As the name implies, a single-speed pool pump only has one speed. It is ideal if you want a pump that works at a faster rate, because the single speed is set at the highest pumping rate. These pumps, however, make a lot of noise and they use a lot of energy, so you may see that reflected in your utility bill. They are also the least expensive pump you can buy.

Two-speed pumps have a low and high setting. The high setting is the same setting as you would get if you bought a single-speed pump, but the low setting works at a reduced rate and consumes less energy, because it has a lower flow rate. Two-speed pumps often come with timers that let you switch from a high to low setting or a low to high setting after a specific number of hours have passed.

Variable-speed pumps offer you the most options in terms of pump rate as they feature low, high and medium pump rates that you can program to operate at different times of the day. They are the most energy efficient pool pump on the market, but will cost you more money than a single-speed or a two-speed pool pump.

Learn more about your options and which one is best for your pool by contacting companies like Shenton Pumps.