4 Suggestions for Swimming Pool Remodels

A swimming pool remodel or renovation can be costly, but it can also be a great investment in the enjoyment of your pool. Before you begin such a renovation or remodel job, you want to ensure that you've considered all possibilities and all the details involved; note a few suggestions for some changes or additions before you decide on any pool renovation project.

1. Make the surface more comfortable

One drawback to cement and concrete pools is that the surface can often be uncomfortable for walking and for bare skin. The bottom of the pool can be rough on the feet and you can scrape your legs if you climb out of the side of the pool. When considering a renovation or remodel, note how you can make the surface more comfortable. This might include a special type of paint that covers over the pits and grooves of concrete or a tile surface. This can make your pool look better but can also make it more comfortable for swimmers.

2. Install energy-efficient equipment

A variable speed pool pump can use less energy as it slows down according to the level of the water and how easily it flows through the filter. A solar-powered pump will use no electricity; you can install these, or a solar-powered heater for your pool, to use the least amount of energy possible. This in turn will save you money over time and will mean less pollution produced by power plants. When renovating your pool, take the opportunity to ask about energy-efficient equipment.

3. Upgrade the lighting

Having a row of lights at the edge of the pool can make it easier to swim at night, but if you're going to renovate or remodel your pool, why not upgrade this lighting? You might add LED lighting to spotlight the steps to a pool or the diving board to increase safety at night. You might even consider colored lighting that coordinates with the color of your home or that makes for added visual appeal; choose bright red or silver lights for a modern, fun look.

4. Add a salt water system

Adding salt to water keeps it clean and allows the water to make its own natural chlorine, which in turn can mean needing to add less if any chlorine to your pool yourself. Salt is easier on the skin than chlorine you get from a pool supply store, and it doesn't have the same smell. When renovating your pool, consider adding a salt water system to make your pool more enjoyable and even healthier for you overall, and so that you don't need to worry about buying and storing chlorine on your property.